Cantonese Name Magnets

Do you have friends with one of these names? These name magnets will make great gifts. The Chinese characters show what their name sounds like in Cantonese. With uniquely hilarious meanings like “huge appetite” and “sh!t is coming”, they will surely give your loved ones a good laugh!

In Cantonese, Ryan sounds like

坏人 waai6 jan4, which means

“bad guy”.

 In Cantonese, Jeff sounds like

着裤 zoek3 fu3, which means

“putting on pants” 

 In Cantonese, David sounds like

大胃 daai6 wai6, which means

“huge appetite” 

In Cantonese, Robert sounds like

萝卜 lo4 baak6, which means


In Cantonese, Cecilia sounds like

屎屎嚟啦 si2 si2 lai4 laa3, which

means “? is coming”. 

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